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Our home is the most precious and important building in our lives.

Moment by moment, day by day, year by year, our home sets the stage for our childhood, provides the backdrop to memories of our youth, and creates the space for our unfolding as adults – the place for us to achieve our fullest potential. Finally, the shelter of our home embraces us until the end of our days.

Our home is the physical space that shares our lives more deeply than anywhere else.

Every detail matters: The temperature of the floor when we walk barefoot from our bedroom to the kitchen, the texture of the wall where we hang a piece of art, the ambient sounds indoors and out when we relax on a Sunday morning. The walls surround our most intimate moments, our deepest joys and our tears too.  The windows provide a glimpse into the beauty and energy of the world around us.

I believe the design of a home is the most important task an individual, a couple, a family and a society can undertake. The choices we make in creating a home have the potential to improve our society, one person at a time.  A thoughtfully designed home can even have healing effects. In spite of past circumstances, today we can begin to create the home of our dreams.

In spite of past circumstances, today we can begin to create the home of our dreams.

What is your HOME VISION?

Don’t limit the definition of Home!  It can be any physical space you regularly inhabit for an extended amount of time.   A HOME can take many shapes: a HOUSE, APARTMENT, LOFT or just your ROOM.  It can ALSO be a HOTEL, or OFFICE!

For a home to be truly a home, it must reflect your own life vision.  Each vision is distinct to the homeowner, as unique as their individual DNA.

My task is to bring your unique HOME VISION to life through architecture, furnishings and landscape design.

Home is LOVE

A home must always be a place of love: Displaying our gratitude for life and honoring who we are and the people who share our days.  A home is an expression of joy and thankfulness, beauty and peace.

High Quality, Sustainability and Timelessness

I believe the design of a home should forge strong connections with nature and be as sustainable and energy efficient as possible within the budget.  My clients' homes are built with high-quality materials and craftsmanship, expressing modern thinking and employing current technologies.

Whilst my homes are shaped by the present and they look to the future of the community, they are also strongly based on timeless values.

To see the moments pass, when sitting in a chair by the kitchen table or living room, enjoying the silence of the early morning, or the giggling of children in the afternoon or perhaps Bach in the late evening. Those moments are priceless.

I look forward to working with you to bring to reality your own Home Vision.


manifesto homevision DNA








manifesto homevision DNA






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