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Gabriela Liebert

Gabriela Liebert

Also known as Gabriela L. Caicedo, Gabriela Liebert was born in Quito, Ecuador in 1971.  From the time she was a toddler, Gabriela was always in close proximity to construction sites.   Her father, Hugo A. Caicedo, was an established architect, developer and intellectual.  Her mother Aura M. Paladines is a designer and business woman.  Both of her parents were the visionaries of today’s Modern Financial Business District of Quito, Ecuador.

During her undergrad years at Tulane University, Gabriela spent substantial time in Italy and Greece as part of her training.  She graduated in 1994 with a Masters in Architecture.  Gabriela then worked for The Rockwell Group in New York City and Arquitectonica in Miami, Fl.  Both offices offered Gabriela the opportunity to develop her skills in Hospitality and Residential design.   In 2000 Gabriela worked with the company Luminaire, Coral Gables where she broadened her knowledge of high end European modern furniture design and Interior Space Planning.  

Motherhood awakened in Gabriela the deep desire to specialize in Residential Design. After completing her NCARB internship, Gabriela moved to Ecuador in 2004 and founded her own developing group in Quito Ecuador, were she built approximately 12 prototypes of homes. In 2008 she married Kai Liebert and moved to Hamburg, Germany. She became an active member of the American Institute of Architects European Chapter.  Gabriela worked in organizing the 2012 AIA Hamburg Conference that focused on Neighborhood re-development and re-vitalization taking as a model The Hafen City and IBA Wilhelmsburg Projects.  She and Kai organized in Berlin “To BIM or not to BIM” a conference and webinar analyzing the importance of Building Integrated Modeling. Gabriela became the AIA Director for German Territory up to 2016.

During her time in Germany, Gabriela strengthened her commitment to Sustainable Building Principles, & High Quality Construction.

In 2015 Kai and Gabriela Liebert founded the partnership HOME VISION DNA.  A company that aims to Develop Niche Architecture projects in Florida, Ecuador and Germany.  They have completed and ongoing projects in Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, Quito and Hamburg.

Additionally, Gabriela is currently writing a memoir about Love, Home Architecture and its impact of the Human Soul:   Houses of Love.

DISCLAIMER: Gabriela Liebert does not currently hold an architecture license in the State of Florida.


Kai Liebert

Kai Liebert was born in 1969 in Hamburg, Germany. Raised in the second largest Port of Europe, Kai was exposed at an early age to multiple cultures and languages. He graduated from the University of Hamburg School of Business with a degree in Business Administration and Logistics.

His love for America took him to UCSC in California and Tulane University in New Orleans where he met the love of his life and business partner, Gabriela Liebert.

In 1994 Kai interned at Shipco. The Danish Shipping and Logistics company based in the outer skirts of New York. Kai specialized in what now is called “Turnkey Platform”, a system that methodically coordinates schedules, rates and budgets, shipment tracking, cargo management and reporting tools. Since 1996 Kai has owned and managed Glomm Spedition GmbH, a successful and efficient mid-size logistics company based in Hamburg that caters to worldwide clients.

In 2012 Kai and Gabriela Liebert decided to fulfill their dream of building residential projects in Miami, Florida. Global Haus, Gabriela’s first Miami Company, evolved into the partnership HOME VISION DNA. A company that aims to create Distinct Niche Architecture projects in Florida, Ecuador and Germany. In 2015 they completed their first project in Miami Beach.

Kai's expertise in project management, efficiency and quality control allows HOME VISION DNA to successfully coordinate professional and trade teams in order to deliver projects with high quality standards, on agreed time and within clients’ budget*. 
Gabriela and Kai Liebert spend substantial time in Miami, Hamburg and Quito in order to manage their projects.
*Projects schedule and budget may vary due to client’s requests and/or change of circumstances outside Home Vision DNA control. 
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